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Worldwide Disclosure Facility


Worldwide Disclosure Facility Specialists 

Worldwide Disclosure Facility allows any individuals either UK resident or non-resident to disclose their undeclared income and pay the appropriate amount of tax in the UK.  The Worldwide Disclosure Facility replaces the previously available disclosure route known as Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility.  Churchill Tax Advisers are one of the UK’s leading experts in making disclosures on behalf of clients through the Worldwide Disclosure Facility.  Our team consists of ex-HMRC Senior Tax Inspectors and highly qualified and experienced tax law specialists.  Our experience and knowledge mean that we are able to handle any size or type of voluntary or prompted disclosure of undeclared income.  Our track record is that 100% of our disclosures through Worldwide Disclosure Facility or other disclosure routes such as Let Property Campaign etc have been successful and fully accepted by HMRC.


Disclosure of Offshore Income

The Worldwide Disclosure Facility is mainly used by individuals to disclose their offshore income that has not been previously disclosed in the UK.  If you have any undisclosed offshore income and you would like to make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC, the Worldwide Disclosure Facility is the only route that is currently available.  This route will allow you to disclose offshore income going back to 20 years.  The main advantage of this option is that the penalties payable are considerably lesser than filing through tax returns.  Disclosure of Offshore Income is a specialist area and you are strongly advised to appoint a tax specialist well experienced in this area. Contact us on 03300 577106 for a consultation in relation to the disclosure of offshore income.


Received a letter from HMRC to disclose your undeclared income through Worldwide Disclosure Facility?

 If you have received a letter from HMRC asking you to disclose your income through Worldwide Disclosure Facility, then you need to contact a specialist in this area as soon as possible.  This type of disclosure is known as a prompted disclosure.  Please contact us on 03300 577106 for a confidential consultation.


Voluntary disclosure of undeclared income

Alternatively, if you would like to make a voluntary disclosure of your undeclared income (UK and offshore) before being prompted by HMRC, then it is very important that you do not delay this and contact us as soon as possible.  A voluntary disclosure will ensure that you receive lesser penalties and that HMRC’s stance towards your disclosure will be much friendlier. Please call us on 03300 577106 for a confidential consultation.


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How we can help with the Worldwide Disclosure Facility 

Our team of experienced tax specialists in the Disclosure of Undeclared Income team will help by: 

  • Taking over the entire Worldwide Disclosure Process
  • Filing the initial disclosure to HMRC
  • Liaising regularly with HMRC in relation to your disclosure
  • Liaising with you and your accountant (if applicable) in relation to the disclosure. Gathering information
  • Discussing the status of the disclosure and potential tax liabilities and penalties with you
  • Ensure that the least amount of penalties are paid
  • Submitting a full disclosure to HMRC and ensuring that it is agreed in full
  • Arranging a suitable payment plan for you to pay the tax owed

 If you have received a letter from HMRC under Worldwide Disclosure Facility or are considering making a voluntary disclosure, you can contact us on 03300 577106 for a consultation with our tax specialists.

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