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Forensic Accountant


Our team of forensic accountants

Churchill Tax Advisers have a dedicated team of forensic accountants who are highly experienced in investigating all areas of sensitive business and financial disputes.  Our team comprises of highly experienced Chartered Tax Advisers, Chartered Accountants and Ex-HMRC Investigators who will use their knowledge and experience to calculate lost revenues and assets and provide detailed advice and strategy to recover the assets.

If you feel that someone has been cheating with you or income/assets are being under-declared, it is vital that you speak to a specialist forensic accountant as early as possible so that they can put together an appropriate strategy for you to recover the income and assets.  This is a lengthy process but having the right team from the start can make a significant difference in your chances of recovery.

At Churchill Tax, we will provide an end to end service any forensic work including the calculation, expert witness, report and presentation at the courts.

Our team of specialist forensic accountants have a combined experience of over 100 years in this area.  We will allocate the right caseworker to your team providing you with comprehensive support throughout the case.


How can our forensic accountants help you?

The forensic accountant’s team at Churchill Tax can offer the following services to our clients:

  • Investigation and analysis of undeclared revenues in the UK and offshore
  • Investigation of undeclared assets in the UK and offshore
  • Detailed report on undeclared income and assets
  • Expert witness
  • Negotiation of a settlement
  • Communicating with the solicitors/lawyers and the court proceedings

Our forensic accountants will provide you with a step by step strategy on how the case will be progressed and handled.

If you are considering engaging a forensic accountant to calculate the hidden/undeclared income or assets, then please call Churchill Tax on 0203 500 0959 for a confidential appointment.

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